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Sell your sermons securely from your custom-designed Media Download Center!

The days of selling CD’s or DVD’s in your bookstore or even by mail order have gone away. Today, everything is available online and via mobile devices.

We have created the Christian Media Download System to revolutionize the way you market your ministry.

For a monthly subscription, CMD creates a customized website and application, hosting your online bookstore to your Media Download Center, allowing your parishioners to:

  • Download your most current video and audio files
  • Watch archived videos on demand from anywhere
  • View your church's calendar of events
  • Tithe directly from your website and app
  • Gift sermons to friends and family members
  • Register for conferences
  • Get Sunday school and Bible study lessons
  • Receive push messages directly from you

Christian Media Download System

The Christian Media Download System gives you a secure platform to market your
sermons to your parishioners via a link on your website or through
your customized Media Download Center.

This System Includes:

Web page built with your church logo

Custom-designed Media Download Center for your church

All credit card and other payment processing handled as part of our service to you

As a CMD member, you simply upload your content to our secure server. Parishioners then will be able to access all your past and present video and audio files via a number of secure methods:

Personalized Website:

The CMD Website System is linked to your existing website and allows users to browse, securely purchase, and email or download to any smart device.

    Click here to view the system

Customized Application:

Our custom mobile app (iOS and Android) enables your parishioners to select, securely purchase, and play, email or download from any smart device or computer.

    Click here to view the system

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