Video: How Christian Media Download System Works

The Christian Media Download System is a monthly subscription service that securely hosts your sermons, videos, books, and much more to your online bookstore. Members of your congregation can tithe and purchase items from your Download Media Center using their computers or mobile devices. This service allows you to:

  • Get your word out to your flock, whether your flock consists of 10 or 10,000, by making available all of your past and present audio and video sermons, series, and books
  • Expand your reach to your congregation and other interested potential members of your church by allowing gifting of sermons to friends and family members
  • Put tithing directly in the hands of your parishioners
  • Share your updated Calendar of Events to everyone
  • Post Bible study and Sunday school lessons
  • Host conference registration and special events ticket purchases
  • Generate additional revenue for your church by selling the most current video and audio files
  • Send push messages directly to your parishioners

How It Works

As a Christian Media Download family member, your church admin will log in and upload your videos, audio files, and books to our secure server. Your parishioners can access and purchase all your past and present materials via a number of customizable and secure methods.

The monthly subscription covers media storage, hosting of your store, and download bandwidth for your sermons and media that sell. As you sell more media, your download bandwidth grows. Since the hosting company charges by download bandwidth, so do we. It is a small amount at first, so the more you upload and sell, the higher the cost. As your store grows, your subscription level may need to be moved up to the next tier. Take a look at our Pricing Page for more information on the subscription levels.

The Christian Media Download Center website links to your church website and allows members to securely purchase and download files that can be sent to any smart device or home computer.

Our custom designed mobile application (iOS and Android) for your online bookstore enables your members to use their smartphones to select, securely purchase, and play, email, or download your video, audio, or book files to all devices.

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