Christian Media Download System gives your ministry an online bookstore revenue stream via a website and mobile app, where you can securely sell your audio and video sermons, series, and books to your parishioners.

How does a user view or hear a video or audio sermon?

By simply downloading media via iPhone, Android or from any personal computer, our system gives your parishioners the ability to purchase sermons anytime, even immediately after a service.

How would we make these sermons available?

Your church media director accesses the Admin Panel to easily upload your media library.

Can sermons become available immediately after they have been given?

The recorded sermons can be offered for sale right after the service, even if they are not ready for upload. When the sermons are mastered and uploaded to the CMD System, subscribers who have already purchased them will receive email alerts, and the recordings are added to their Libraries automatically. Your sales and revenue stream is not interrupted due to the usual time lag involved in producing DVD’s or other media.

Can anyone use the CMD System?

Our system gives you the convenience of having your sermons, series and book inventory available to your subscribers anywhere.

What would parishioners be able to purchase?

Christian Media Download allows you to upload all your past audio and video sermons, series and books upon purchase of the system. The media director can upload new audio/video sermons, series and books as they become available. Also available are Pre-registrations to conferences and Special Events, as well as Bible Study and Sunday School lessons. Parishioners also have the opportunity to tithe to your church from anywhere.

Is there a monetary advantage for our church?

Our system allows you to carry shorter inventory, thus reducing your costs. You can carry less CD/DVD packaging and production equipment, and fewer books, without losing sales. Fewer man hours will be needed for a smaller inventory. This is a cost-saving application.

Is the CMD system secure?

Each parishioner has a unique login and password, allowing him or her to shop and make purchases safely, without fear of personal or credit information being compromised.

What about special programs and tithing?

The Media Download Center’s many categories include: Special Programs for holiday and choir programs, etc., Conference Registration for pre-registrations and R.S.V.P., Sunday school classes and Bible lessons, as well as tithing.

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